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Portfolio requirements

How to create your portfolio?

What are the requirements?


For being admitted to the Architecture or Interior Design study programmes, you need to submit your digital portfolio. This is the most important element of the entry exam –besides the oral interview-, mirrors your creative skills and the general ability in the chosen profession. Both the visual communication and creative skills will be evaluated based on the uploaded portfolio, such as your developments and experience as well.


Please, keep it in your mind that the portfolio - is uploaded into the entry system during the application period - demonstrates your capabilities as an architect or designer. This is all about you, reflects your personal values. Has to be prepared carefully for supporting you during the entry process well enough!

Take an attention that your role has to be clearly clarified in case of non-individual project, means it was prepared in the frame of group work. If the admission committee does not understand your contribution, they cannot judge your personal skills, and this might decrease your chances of being admitted.

General requirements of the portfolio:

All the portfolio should be prepared as an individual design project. It is recommended to design master pages for getting a satisfying whole for the end.

About the layout:

-          Cover page is required and must include your name as it appears on your application and passport with contact information.

-          Table of contents, with the information whether the work was gone as academic, personal, and/or professional project.

-          Each project should include project title, date, and indicate the environment (company, university, personal). Name of the supervisor of the project, if it is relevant.                 The level of the design work (semester of your study if it is relevant) also.

-          In case of each show work we need a descriptive paragraph about the concept, design problem, goal, your rule if was prepared in the frame of non-individual work,             etc.

-          Required file format: PDF - hardcopy portfolio is not acceptable. Use online pdf tools for optimization, for example:

-          Online portfolio links are accepted.

-          Maximum number of pages: 30 pages.
-          The size of the pages should not exceed A4. Landscape format is preferred.

There are two scales of portfolio; it depends on the education level, what you are applying for:


1: Applicants directly from high school or pre-school:

Your study program: Architecture (10 semesters)


The portfolio is the collection of some creative works (artworks, craftworks, paperwork, etc.) which is able to picture your creative-visual skills (hand drawings, digital drawings, artistic photos or photos about travels, buildings, thoughts about the built environments etc.). Handmade originals have to be scanned or to be photographed.



2: Applicants with relevant bachelor degree professional previous studies / applying for postgraduate program:

Your study program: Architecture master / Interior and Spatial Design master / Architecture Doctoral Program


The portfolio is the collection of your works from your previous education programme(s). Projects coming from practice or working experience might be presented also. Handmade originals have to be scanned or to be photographed, ideally if it is combined with digital works in one single optimized pdf. Online portfolio links are accepted.


Autonomous artworks, craftworks, paperworkpaper model are welcome too, both in manual and digital format.


We’re opened for learning more about your wider scale capabilities, such as graphic design, or professional visual communication. Every form of graphic design products might be built into the portfolio also: illustrations, layouts, logos, packaging designs, web designs, etc., if you had any.


This is useful, if your portfolio consist some projects for offering information about professional visual communication skills. Every form of graphic works is welcome, such as graphic studies, computer graphics, manual drawings, sketches, collages, paintings, etc. 


Evaluation system of portfolio with the grading guide:

-          0 point: Unsatisfactory. The portfolio exhibits several major and minor problems with basic visual premise;

-          3 points: Less than satisfactory. Both the quality and contain is substandard, incomplete in significant ways;

-          6 points: Satisfactory. The portfolio is complete and satisfactory, exhibiting minor problems in quality craft and detail.

-          9 points: Good quality. The portfolio demonstrates a level of thoughtfulness in addressing visual skills and creativity, with some minor scale problems.

-          12 points: High quality. The portfolio demonstrates a level of thoughtfulness in addressing visual skills and creativity.

-          15 points: Outstanding. Execution of work is thoroughly complete and demonstrates a superior level of ability and skills.