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Awards, honours and honorary doctorates

The faculty enjoys the support of renowned Hungarian and international experts, who are involved in educational and research programmes, the organisation of conferences, and joint tenders. They provide assistance in finding partner companies and organizations which provide work placement opportunities to our students, as well as expert consultation when writing their master thesis. In addition, they also take part in joint projects and provide assistance to faculty members when they are working towards a scientific degree, publishing research papers or setting up faculty exchange programmes.

Honorary doctorate - honoris causa - degrees are awarded to those who have achieved outstanding results in their profession, are internationally recognised and maintain a close working relationship with the University of Pécs in the field of science or arts. The University awarded an honorary doctorate degree to Professor Peter Möhringer, of Fachhochschule Würzburh-Schwinfurt, to Professor Gerhard Hausladen, climate designer of the University of Munich, to Finnish engineer and Elcoteq founder Antti Pilippo, and to architect and academy member Dr József Finta.

Our Honorate Professors are:
  • Abramov Ivan Vasilevich
  • Heribert Weber
  • Win Aung
  • Finta József
  • Antti Piippo
  • Peter Möhringer
  • Barry Hilary Valentine Topping
  • Gerhard Hausladen
  • Heinz Brandl
  • Pierre Vasarely
  • Sandra Dee Haynes
  • Boris Anatolyevich Yakimovich
  • Wang Tie

In recognition of their outstanding research and development results several employees of the faculty have won national and international awards and honours, and have received national and international recognition for their work. Art and design faculty members also enter design contests and attend workshops where the excellence of their work is recognized and rewarded. Faculty members also excel in the field of engineering at an international level.

The Hungarian Government, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Hungarian Academy of Arts regularly offer scholarships and grants to those working in education and research. Teachers from our faculty regularly win such scholarships and numerous science papers are published and research projects are completed as a direct outcome of these scholarships. Last but not least, teachers and professors have also won several professional and chamber awards. We consider this recognition very important and we are very proud of them.