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Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

Talent Promotion

The close cooperation between students and teaching staff of different departments of the faculty has resulted in numerous awards at both the national and international level

These include:
  • Orca car – Shell Eco-Marathon Rotterdam – 7th place 
  • National Instruments Competition 2013 – 1st place 
  • Conti Best Programming Competition 2014 – 1st place
  • Supercomputer, Creaton Architecture Competition – 1st and 2nd place
  • 7th International AVENTICS Pneumobil Competition – 2nd place 
  • 20th Jubilee National Control Technology Programming (PLC) Competition – 1st place
  • Engineering Students’ Competition – 2nd place
  •  + T-System special award, 2nd place
  • Rex Roth Pneumobil competition – 3rd place
Colleges for Advanced Studies at the Faculty

The members of the b2 transdisciplinary special college have the opportunity to carry out development work for the city of Pécs in their own specialist field. Major projects include a 'Makovecz Imre Memorial Event', 'More than a Factory', the 'POSZT (National Theatre Festival)'  installations and interior design for city events.

The members of the Juhász Jenő Special Engineering and IT College work on different, individually chosen research projects (disaster management, electro-technics, model bridge building, pneumobil competition, Shell Eco Marathon).

A grant for excellence

In appreciation of excellence, our faculty, in partnership with the Engineering Chamber of Baranya County awards a study grant to those prospective BSc students who score the highest in their university entrance exam.

Scholarships abroad

Through the Socrates/Erasmus programme foreign scholarships are available for students and the studies completed abroad are recognised in the training programme at the faculty.Through our partner institutions we also help students obtain international practice abroad.

Awards for students

Students’ work is annually awarded by foundations in connection with the different programmes of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology.