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Environmental Engineering

Degree: Environmental Engineer (BSc)
Duration of training: 7 semesters (full-time training, part-time training)
Language of instruction: Hungarian
Head of the programme: Dr. Anita Kovács, Dolgosné
Description of the programme:

The Bachelor Degree programme in Environmental Engineering is for students interested in making the world a better and cleaner place, with an interest in pollution prevention and applying measures for solving issues of air, water and land protection through the use of green and sustainable technologies. The programme offers engineering training in waste management, pollution control strategies and water resources, providing knowledge about habitat protection and resource conservation. In addition, traditional sciences such as chemistry, biology, environmental protection and mathematics are also taught. Tuition is composed of examinations, laboratory work, industrial projects, lectures and field practice to develop technical and problem-solving expertise. Graduated professionals can hold positions of air quality engineer, water resource engineer or be employed in waste management or extend their knowledge further by going on to complete a Master Degree in Environmental Engineering.

Keywords :

qualitative and quantitative characteristic, environment, remediation, methods, damage control, water management, solving, operations, equipment, appliance, testing, health, environmental settlement, audit, professional job, managerial activities, facility, liveable planet

Location of the education: Department of Environmental Engineering, University of Pécs
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Boszorkány u. 2, H-7624 Pécs, Hungary

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For more information, please contact:

Ernő Dittrich - associate professor
Department of Environmental Engineering
University of Pécs, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
Phone/Fax: +36 72 503 650 / 23969