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Courses of the Breuer Marcel Doctoral School of Architecture are built on the single-cycle MSc programme in Architecture, the multi-cycle MSc programme in Architecture, the multi-cycle MA programme in Architecture, as well as the single-cycle MA programme in Architecture.

The primary task of the Doctoral School is to provide educational programmes of a high standard in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna system to those leading architects with an MSc or MA degree, as well as to those with an MA or MSc degree in an architecture-related field. 

Specific features of the Doctoral School

The Doctoral School will maintain its engagement in the fields of architecture and the protection of national heritage assumed six years ago. The Doctoral School will organise the work associated with the doctoral programme and doctoral dissertation defence within one organisational unit but offering two different programmes:

  • DLA programme in Architecture
  • PhD programme in Architectural Engineering

lectures and seminars offered by the Doctoral School can be attended by students of both programmes

The excellent teaching staff and the infrastructure of the Pécs Doctoral School help students to engage in creative work, and due to its excellent professional and international relationships the school provides students with all the means necessary for the successful preparation of doctoral dissertations and projects.

As a result of our special circumstances, our undergraduate programmes are taught by staff excelling at various fields of art and architecture in an exceptional infrastructural environment. This ensures that students have the opportunity to examine the relation of architecture to other fields of art and applied arts, as well as to apply the creative methods of such fields in the area of architecture. In our Doctoral School at the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, doctoral studies can be pursued in the fields of ecological architecture, sustainable architecture and the use of new materials and technologies, and with the wide range of engineering specialisation (such as structural engineering, building engineering, building electricity, information technology, etc.) offered at the faculty, an opportunity is created for researchers to revive traditional heritage protection ideas and methods. The interdisciplinary nature of architecture ensures that it can meet today‟s social expectations in the planning, research and creative activities.

The Doctoral School cooperates with several Hungarian and foreign educational and research institutes. We are in the fortunate position of being part of a multi-faculty university which means we have been able to develop a close cooperation with the Faculties of Medicine, Natural Sciences, Arts, Humanities and Economics. The renovation of the University Campus, an important part of the cultural heritage of Pécs, is a testimony to the success of this cooperation, the Doctoral School being the engine at both the planning and implementation stage. The establishment of a jointly used research centre, the so-called Science Building, is another excellent example of the fruitful cooperation of the various faculties of the university.

Our Doctoral School also cooperates in various fields of expertise with research project groups of the National Office of Cultural Heritage, the Faculty of Horticultural Science, Corvinus University, the Architectural Arts Department, Faculty of Wood Sciences, University of West Hungary.

DLA in Architecture

The DLA in Architecture programme of the Doctoral School covers architecture and urban architecture programmes dealing with various aspects of planning (architecture of social spaces, architectural planning and design, production environment planning, residential environment planning, settlement planning). However, these fields are not strictly tied to specific topics or building types, but are more closely related to the professional and educational expertise and experience of the specific teachers and supervisors of the Doctoral School. Our intention is to provide our students with a historical perspective of our heritage, our responsibility towards the environment, and a coherent system of environmental and modern architectural aspects. It is in view of this that special emphasis is laid in the curriculum of our school on the individual programme of activity of our doctoral candidates, which is built on the combination of creative artistic-technical activities and scientific research in a chosen field, in accordance with the specific feature of architecture being a combination of arts and science. 

PhD in Architectural Engineering

When the PhD in Architectural Engineering programme of the Doctoral School was developed we drew on experience of other Hungarian Doctoral Schools and that of the existing DLA Doctoral School. The programme covers aspects of past and modern building materials science, engineering structures and building frames. Furthermore, it also focuses on areas closely related to the programme‟s priorities, such as environmental planning, settlement planning and energy design. In view of the specific features of the discipline and the wide range of subjects – that is, the interdisciplinary nature - of the various fields of research, the course curriculum lays special emphasis on ensuring that doctoral candidates gain the necessary knowledge and competence while also catering to their individual research topics. The prime objective of the Training Programme is to assist doctoral candidates of the school in preparing a dissertation of high standard and in complying with the requirements of a doctoral degree.

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