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Student Counselling

Student Counselling is considered an invaluable service within the University of Pecs. Its primary objective is to provide students with professional, discreet and responsive psychological counselling. The service is intended to offer counselling to students enrolled in the English language programme and seeks to render professional assistance to students struggling with a plethora of challenges and difficulties evolving from potential changes and upheavals in their personal lifestyles and studies. Our service can aid students seeking professional aid who express control of their routine lifestyle yet are faced with temporary obstacles which seemingly they are not best equipped to solve on their own initiative. The service is free of charge and guarantees complete discretion.

What are the primary challenges facing students?

1.      Challenges associated with academia in references to studying and training: learning difficulties; stressful exams, anxiety, repeated failures. Uncertainties encountered during the development of one’s professional identity, hardships met in the adaption of the University lifestyle and behavioural growth during educational training.

2.      Accommodating to intensive challenges routinely faced when encountering a new spectrum of socio-cultural experiences: being far from one’s family, unfamiliar environment, difficulties in communication, local behaviour and attitudes common to the host environment, difficulties assimilating to the perplexity of the Hungarian culture.

3.      Routine challenges associated with life, potentially creating a barrier towards studying: self-esteem, self-confidence; relationships within the family and among friends and partners; hardships encountered in the community and difficulty towards effectively establishing valuable relationships, loneliness and isolation.


How does professional counselling work?

Professional counselling is available to the individual and to small groups. It is a bona fide service provided by the University of Pecs, without a service fee. Identifying and averting the problem causing difficulties can help students re-establish control of their lives and maximize their potential towards acquiring harmony, balance and the sense of well being. Individual counselling consists of personal interviews, where challenges can be discussed; solutions, alternatives and perspectives are offered. Typically, in a private counselling session skills of accommodation can be developed, attitudes towards stress can be changed. In group counselling, the counsellor openly discusses options and alternatives towards solving interpersonal challenges collectively.

In defining the expression, ’counselling’, particular emphasis is placed on partnership, communication, and the acceptance of responsibility and the acknowledgement of maturity.

Our service does not involve treatments requiring a doctor-patient relationship and/or therapy. We do not generate diagnoses or prescribe pharmaceuticals. However, we do provide aid toward the evaluation of severe psychological problems including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sexual problems, etc. Those who are interested will receive guidance in how to receive therapeutic care.

The counselling service does not provide stand-by duty or emergency care. In such cases – which usually require a doctor-patient relationship – please, seek out the outpatient services of the department:


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