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Dancing University

The Dancing University of the University of Pécs is a unique initiative in Hungarian higher education.

The Dancing University was founded at the University of Pécs in 2000. Its main aim was to create an extraordinary leisure-time activity of high quality, which is absolutely unique in Hungarian higher education. It is exercise and entertainment at the same time, the courses can be taken as sports classes or for credit and it also serves as a contact point for students and employees of different faculties.

In 2005 the Dancing University set the Guinness record of "The most people belly dancing simultaneously", and in 2010 it reclaimed the title with 826 participants dancing together at the event. 

In February 2011 the PTE Dance Team was founded in order to be able to perform in the most various dance styles.


Our missions:

- provide a physical, psychological, cognitive, social, and artistic activity for students and employees of the University of Pécs, for citizens of Pécs, and for everybody interested in dancing

- promote the positive effects of dance on children, adults, and seniors as well

- involve people with the most different cultural, social, or religious backgrounds in dance courses

- involve people with diseases or disabilities in dance courses

- take part in scientific research to prove the positive impact of dance on our health and wellbeing



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