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Actual Financing Details of our International Programs

For international payments, provide your bank with the following information:

Application Fee from the Academic Year 2023/2024 for all programs: 150 USD (non - refundable)

Tuition Fee from the Academic Year 2023/2024:

Tuition Fee for all undergraduate (BSc) programs: 3.400 USD / semester
(except Architectural Engineering BSc: 4.000 USD / semester)

Tuition Fee for all graduate (MSc + Architecture OTM): 4.000 USD / semester

Tuition Fee for all doctoral programs (PhD; DLA): 4.200 USD / semester

Bank account details to pay by wire transfer:

Name of the bank 

OTP Baranya m. Belfoldiek Devizai 


7621 Pecs, Kiraly utca 11. 

Account number 


Swift code 


IBAN code 


Name of the receiver 

University of Pécs  

EU VAT Number 

HU 19308681  

Purpose of Payment (for Application Fee):
250106 – application fee for all programs 

Purpose of Payment (for Tuition Fee): 100774 – tuition fee Architecture

Purpose of Payment (for Tuition Fee): 101949 – tuition fee Architectural Engineering BSc

Purpose of Payment (for Tuition Fee): 101832 – tuition fee Interior and Spatial Design MA

Purpose of Payment (for Tuition Fee): 101957 – tuition fee Biomedical Engineering MSc

Purpose of Payment (for Tuition Fee): 101034 – tuition fee Civil Eng. Bsc

Purpose of Payment (for Tuition Fee): 101032 – tuition fee Structural Eng. MSc

Purpose of Payment (for Tuition Fee): 101404 – tuition fee Electrical Eng. Bsc

Purpose of Payment (for Tuition Fee): 101038 – tuition fee IT Bsc

Purpose of Payment (for Tuition Fee): 101036 – tuition fee IT MSc

Purpose of Payment (for Tuition Fee): 140191 – MIK BreuerM DI műszaki doktori k DAPN

Purpose of Payment (for Tuition Fee): 140192 – MIK BreuerM DI művészeti doktori DAPN

Please send us the scanned proof of payment to one of our email addresses related to your major:

Please, note; international transfers can take approximately 1-2 weeks to process! Payments must be made in USD and without charges to the beneficiary (i.e. the transaction costs charged by the bank for international transfers must be paid by the party making the payment).

A Student is not taken to be enrolled in a course until all relevant fees have been paid to the university with 2 weeks before study start.

Personal paying at Cashiers is only possible for students with university status:

At the Faculty Cashier, Boszorkány Str.2.
Opening hours: Thursday 8.30-13.30,  Friday 8.30-12.30

  • with cash: only in HUF
  • with card: Hungarian bank cards and foreign bank cards are accepted, payment in HUF!

At the University Central Cashiers, Pécs,  Szántó Kovács János Str. 1/B 
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 8.00-14.00,  Friday: 8.00-13.00 

  • with cash: EUR, USD, HUF 
  • with card: Hungarian bank cards and foreign bank cards are both accepted!

Rate of tuition fee refund

Tuition fee payment 100%

Letter of Admission

Application for Visa

Visa yes

Visa no







Registration period


Place will be secured for next academic year

80% according to the Code of Charges and Benefits list of charges and fees

100% according to Dean's decision

Place will be secured for next academic year

- Sept/Febr 30


Oct/March 1 – Oct/March 31


Nov/Apr 1 - Nov/Apr 30


Dec/May 1 – Dec/May 31


Jan 1 - Jan 30


Financing requirement of registration for examination

Article 57 (3) If a student fails to meet his/her tuition fee or any other fee payment obligation in the absence of an allowance specified in Article 54 hereof until the commencement of registration for examination, he/she cannot register for examination and shall not be granted entry to examination. A student with overdue debt by the first day of the exam period is deleted from the completion sheet where he/she was automatically registered earlier. In case a student fails to send back to the CRO (Central Registrar’s Office) the signed original copies of the Fee Payment Agreement until the deadline set by the CRO, he/she shall not sign up for exam and is not allowed to take an exam until the arrival of the documents to the CRO. The latter regulation is valid from the exam period of the autumn semester of the academic year 2011/2012.

About the tuition fee

Article 58 (3) The tuition fee payable by students pursuing studies in foreign language training shall be determined by the Faculty Council. The amount of tuition fee determined in foreign currency shall be governing in respect of determining the amount of the tuition fee in HUF. The amount of the tuition fee in HUF shall be determined on the first working day of the first week of each semester, thus the conversion of the tuition fee for the given semester into HUF shall be made at the middle rate determined by the National Bank of Hungary [Hungarian abbreviation MNB] for that day. The cost of bank transfer shall be incumbent upon the student.

The Fee Payment Agreement

Article 47/A (4) The Fee Payment Agreement shall be made in writing in two copies one of which should be kept by the Registrar’s Office for 5 years following the termination of the legal status. The language of the agreement shall be Hungarian however, if a foreign national pursues studies in a training where the language of instruction is a foreign language, the agreement shall be written in the language of instruction as well. The student is obliged to sign the two original copies of the Fee Payment Agreement and send it back to the CRO until the deadline set by the CRO.

The 3 parts of tuition fee and the deadlines

Article 52 (1) The tuition fee determined for the semester must be paid till the deadline set in the schedule approved annually by the Faculty Council and announced in the schedule published on the website before the start of the semester. From 1st January 2015 the following rules apply to the payment of the tuition fee. The tuition fee shall be paid in three instalments. The first instalment is 40 percent of the whole tuition fee which must arrive at the University’s account not later than the last working day before the beginning of the registration period. The arrival date of the second instalment is 15th October in the autumn and 15th March in the spring semester witch is the 30 percent of the whole tuition fee.  The arrival date of the third instalment is 15th November  in the autumn and 15th April in the spring semester witch is the rest 30 percent of the whole tuition fee. Every default in tuition fee instalment payment must result in paying extra delay fee. (It is 6 percent of a part of tuition fee witch is default in payment.) These rules shall not apply when the student declares till the deadline of payment that he/she would pay the tuition fee from student loan per assignment. In the frame of the assignment the student agrees that he/she allows the loan institute to pay a part or the whole of his/her tuition fee directly to the University. The forms concerning the assignment are under the management of the CRO.

Unjustified non-attendance at an examination 

Articles 49. (9) If the student does not attend the registered exam and he does not exempt his/her absence by stating the well-grounded reason and verifies it on a request submitted to the Registrar’s Office which clearly identifies the exam within 8 days from the exam date, he/she has to pay the absence fee (currently 2000HUF) according to Appendix (1) of the Code of Charges and Benefits. The decision about verifying requests has to be made by the Faculty’s registrar. If the Registrar accepts the request, the number of exam possibilities for the student will not decrease and the note “verified exam absence” shall be registered in Neptun. The assessment form is meant as exam in this section where exam sheet is used. Assessment that does not qualify as exam (for example mid-term test or recital during instruction period) does not have to be paid for pursuant to this section. 

Failed course registration for the second and further time

Article 42. (3) If the student failed to earn the credits of a course he/she had enrolled for in the given semester, he/she shall be entitled to enrol for the same course in a later semester in the frames of the provisions specified by the Regulation. According to the (1) Appendix of the Code of Charges and Benefits the student has to pay the in the Appendix defined fee for the second and every further time registration for a course. (currently 500HUF/credit but maximum 3000HUF/subject and maximum 10000HUF/semester) Regulations mentioned in this Section have to be applied for exam courses as well. The Central Registrar’s Office sets these impositions till the last day of the given semester’s instruction period. The deadline for paying these depts shall be the last day of the consecutive semester’s registration period. Students taking the final closing examination the given semester shall pay the dept within 15 days after it was set. No payment will be set for the repeated course registration if the student pays his/her tuition fee based on credit numbers. 

Third and any further examination in the same course-unit   

Article 53. (7) If the student takes an exam in the same curricular unit three or more times he/she is obliged to pay the fee (currently 2500HUF) stipulated by Annex 1. of the Code of Charges and Benefits for the third and every further exams.