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Summer School in Architecture

The 2015 ‘Summer Architecture Special’ dates are June 29 to August 21, 2015. (8 weeks)

The course is limited to 30 spaces (min. 15). Qualified students are accepted as long as space is available. Applicants who are accepted into the program will be contacted by Admission Office for registration and payments procedures. Language of the program: English.
Application Deadline: May 25, 2015. Here you can find the Application Form
The University of Pécs ‘Summer Architecture Special’ is an intensive eight-week experience, opened to applicants, who are interested in professional environmental design. The Program offers prospective architecture and civil engineer students and people in career transition a chance to deep their skills in creative engineering and design of the build environment. Lectures, workshops, drawing exercises, hands-on studio works, demonstrations, and visit of significant architectural sites in Pécs and in Hungary complement daily design studios.
The ‘Summer Architecture Special’ is coordinated by the Architectural Institute of Faculty of Engineering University of Pécs. Instructors are selected from faculty members, the Breuer Marcel Doctoral School of University of Pécs and invited professors from the European partner institutes of the Faculty.
PROGRAM (update):
Early - Modern in Europe and Hungary. Architecture of the Modernism and its results. Experiences trough manifestos of the modernism. Bauhaus, 'Buahauslers' with Pécs origin. Contemporary architecture of Pécs. Sustainability and Energy Design Resources and practical challenges. Case studies. One day trip to study living situations in the region of Pécs.Lecturers: István KISTELEGDI Dr., Department of Energy Design, Tamás MOLNÁR Dr., Department of Architecture and Visual Studies
Theories and main methods in generally. Heritage protection in Europe. Built monuments in Hungary.  UNESCO in Pécs. Native architecture in Hungary, practical experiences. Techniques, materials, structures, and the most important contemporary architectural projects.  One day trip for get some practice in old techniques, and one day trip focus on the main historical architectural results of the region. Lecturers: Krisztián KOVÁCS-ANDOR Dr., Department of Architectural Design, Tibor DÁNYI Dr., Department of Architectural Structures, Anna- Mária TAMÁS Dr.,  Department of Architecture and Visual Studies
Verbal and visual communication of projects, works in order to improve student’s visual understanding. Meaning of visual presentation. Prezi. Architectural graphic, model techniques. Marketing communication in engineering. Brand. Web design and digital portfolio in practice. Lecturers: Donát RÉTFALVI Dr., Department of Architecture and Visual Studies, Marcus JUBY
4   july 20 - july 24 DESIGN STUDIO 01
Design process, architectural context and conceptual architecture. Lectures. Design in UNESCO protected areas. ACTIVE WORKSHOP with PRESENTATION. Lecturers: KISTELEGDI, MOLNÁR, ORBÁN, FÜLÖP, DÁNYI, KOVÁCS-ANDOR
Publicity in Space. The meaning of idea and individuality. Light, view, context, materials, colour experiences. Dontemporary Design Methods. Green Urbanity. Healthy Urban Spaces. Afterlife of architectural projects. Two day trip the Design Centres and Architectural Centre in Budapest. Lecturers: Gabriella MEDVEGY Dr., Department of Architectural Design, Gergely SZTRANYÁK Dr., Department of Architectural Structures, Bálint BACHMANN Dr., Department of Architecture and Visual Studies
6   aug 03 - aug 07 OUTER SPACES - INNER SPACES
Interior Design, Urban Design, Environmental Design. Meaning of Publicity in Architectural Design. Rehabilitation of Segregated Areas. Reconstruction and Renewal of Infrastructure Installations. Brown - Field Investments. Solidarity in Architecture - Social Reconstruction. Contemporary Design Techniques. Case Studies. Lecturers: Ákos HUTTER Dr., Department of Architectural Design, Ágnes BORSOS Dr., Department of Interior Design, János GYERGYÁK Dr., Department of Architectural Structures
7   aug 10 - aug 14 STRUCTURES AS PRIMER - CONCEPT
Materials and its meaning in the contemporary architecture. Historical structures. Timber structures, concrete, and load-bearing structures. Conceptual structural design in architecture. Case studies and experiences in practice. One day trip to study living situations in Budapest. Lecturers: Zoltán ORBÁN Dr., Department of Structural Engineering, Attila FÜLÖP Dr., Department of Structural Engineering
8   aug 17 - aug 21 DESIGN STUDIO 02
Design process, architectural context and conceptual architecture. Publicity. Urban context. Design in brown- field situation (mine). ACTIVE WORKSHOP. Lecturers: SZTRANYÁK, MEDVEGY, HUTTER,  BACHMANN
From Monday to Thursday, classes start at 9:00 a.m. and last until 4:00 p.m. with a one-hour lunch break. There is one class on Friday.  The afternoon practical lessons are leaded by faculty members and visiting specialists. Each part focuses on practice and includes lectures.
Tuition and Fees: the tuition cost for the eight weeks program is $5,000. Tuition covers all instruction and field trip costs (on study days). Equipment is about $100 and is not included in the tuition cost, and is available pre-packaged in Admission Office. There is a non-refundable $50 Architecture Institutional Application fee. Housing or rooms fees are not included in the tuition fee (may live in University Hostels $400 per 4 weeks in shared rooms with two beds, or in hotels for $40-80 per days).
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