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Preparatory Course in English for Degree Studies

Duration of training: 5/10/15 months (see below)
Language of instruction: English
Range of preparatory program: ARCHITECTURE and ENGINEERING

Our preparatory programs are made up of three stages, each comprising 400 lessons:

  1. The Milestone Stage
    is designed for students who need additional support in meeting the minimum requirements in English. If your English proficiency is below low-intermediate (B1) level, communicative and cooperative language classes assist you to attain intermediate (B1) level.

  2. The Upgrade Stage
    focuses on language development in a manner that resembles more the academic context awaiting you. 400 contact hours are spent with thematically focused language education assisting you to attain upper-intermediate (B2) level.

  3. The Gateway Stage
    is specifically designed for students with outstanding English skills (already reaching or exceeding B2 level). The 400 contact hours merge language instruction (Academic English and ESP) with field-specific subject teaching.
    Entry requirement: on-line placement test (written and oral)
    Output requirement: internationally recognized ECL language exam (upper-intermediate or advanced)
For more information:

Phone: +36 (72)501 500/23014 or 23015