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Workshop for students new materials, new ornaments.

Workshop for students From August 30th to September 4th 2021, Venise, Italie. Application until July 12th.

Éco-materials :

Materials for building construction coming from renewable resources (vegetable fibers, green or human waste, earth, wood...)


eco-materials, endless resources in a post-carbon world This workshop is part of the international network «Post-Mining, Architecture, Landscape, Design» which focuses on design and research tools involving local communities. It proposes to explore the great diversity of eco-materials in a post-carbon world.


Plastic and participative exploration This investigation into the aesthetic universe of matter and ornament will take place in the maze of the Venetian city. The students will work with locals and volunteers from civil society in the public space, in order to create prototypes of new materials and try to exhaust their plastic properties. All these works will be exhibited in Palazzo Michiel on september 4th during the study day: «new Scientific international network,Post-mining, architecture, landscape, design.»

Who is concerned?

This workshop is openned to architecture students interested in eco-materials and participatory actions. 8 students will receive a travel grant to cover transportation and accommodation. However, this workshop remains open to all curious .

How to apply?

Express your motivation by answering these questions. Any graphic documents are welcome.

• What material would you like to work on during this workshop? And what specific skills do you have in relation to this material?

• What procedure and tools are needed to realize prototypes with the chosen material? Especially, the feasibility in 4 days and in Venice? (material, resources, realization time )

• What is your vision of the participatory experience while fabricating eco-materials?

• What plastic or ornamental dimensions could be obtained with this material ?

Send to Constance Bogucki and Margarita Dekina

The Chair «Acclimatize post-mining territories» is labeled «Architecture and Innovation» by the French Ministry of Culture and headed by Lille’s School of Architecture and Landscape (ENSAPL). Its scientific direction is ensured by Béatrice Mariolle (ENSAPL) and Daniela Poli (Università degli Studi di Firenze) and the steering committee is composed of the Mission Bassin Minier, Regional Office of Cultural Affairs of Hauts de France Region and Maisons-et-Cités. The scientific committee of this workshop is provided by : Raphael Alessandri, Constance Bogucki, Noémie Devaux, Margarita Dekina, Jean-Baptiste Marie, Béatrice Mariolle, Mélusine Pagnier, Daniela Poli, Philippe Prost, Frank Vermandel.

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