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Information for students and colleagues on the epidemiological situation related to the spread of the coronavirus

Dear Students and Colleagues,

Due to the coronavirus (Covid-19), the Hungarian government announced extraordinary emergency measures from March 12, 2020. This means that from March 23rd, 2020, the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology will transition to an online learning environment until further notice. Up to date information about the university and corona virus can be found here:

To reduce the risks for both our students and university staff, the Faculty is closed to students from March 12th until further notice. Increased sanitation of the building has been carried out by the cleaning staff. The online services offered by the university have been checked and are working as expected. Up to date information about the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology can be found here:

The main features of the next period:
The original semester plan has been changed with the spring holiday being brought forward to the 7th week (16th-20th March).
The original course  syllabuses will stay valid with the exception of the different time for the spring break.
Students will be able to complete their original courses and get the required credits through the new digital teaching and assessment system. Online attendance of courses will be based on the existing timetable. During these times, we will ensure the possibility for interaction between students and teachers.

The primary digital teaching platform will remain as NEPTUN and courses will be expanded to “Meet Street”.

In addition, Microsoft Teams, which is part of Microsoft Office 365, has been made available to students and teachers. For more information about using this system, click here: 
Official Microsoft Guide : Microsoft Teams Guide        PTE MIK Guide:  Microsoft Teams Student Guide PTE MIK

If you require more information, please contact the relevant person from the list below:

  • Dr Anita Dolgosné Kovács - environmental engineer
  • Dr Mária Eördöghné Miklós - mechanical engineer
  • Dr  Attila Fülöp, Dr Judit Pálné-Schreiner - civil engineer
  • Dr Adél Heidecker, Dr Donát Rétfalvi - architect, urban system engineer
  • Dr Péter Iványi - computer science engineer                                       
  • Dr Zoltán Kvasznicza, Dr Gergely Nyitrai - electrical engineer
  • Ms Julia Török - technical language courses
  • Dr Norbert Vasváry-Nádor - industrial designer

For administration and other queries related to your studies, please use the usual online contacts:

UP FEIT Registrar’s Office:

UP FEIT International Office:

The leaders, teachers and heads of department can be found here: If you have any problems, do not hesitate to let them know!

We will do our best to solve any problems which may arise! We wish the best to both students and staff and remind you to take care of yourself and your environment as well!

See you in the virtual space,
Yours sincerely,

Dr Gabriella Medvegy - dean of UP FEIT

17th of March 2020

14.05.2020 | Students | Exam period info 2020
Dear Students,

We would like to call your attention that our exam period will be open between 18th May to 5th June 2020 for graduating students and it will be open between 18th May  to 19th June  2020 for non graduating students  and also, please make sure all your grades are registered in Neptun by the end of June!

How to register for exams:

Please, first check that you do not have any unpaid fee, because it makes you unable to register for an exam and the lecturers are unable to sign grade as well. Check that your Training and Fee Agreement is signed an uploaded into Neptun.

You can register through Neptun System.

Log in, choose the exam, drop-down menu in the filtering section and choose exam registration (1). There you will find two filtering options, Terms (2.) choose the current term, and Subject (3.) choose „Every Subject” and then List them (4.). All off your exam dates will appear under the „Exams” subtitle. There you will find every detail about your exams one by one. Click on the „+” at the end (5.), then the „Register” button.

Exam fees:

1.      Not attending: Annex 1. Article 53 of the Code of Charges and Benefits: 2000 HUF / missed exam.

2.      Retake: Code of Studies and Examinations 12 chapter Article 53 (7) and Annex 1. Article 53 of the Code of Charges and Benefits: The student shall pay 2500 HUF/retake.

How to pay: To be able to pay it, first you need to create this payment for yourself in Neptun. Log in and go to Finances/Payment menu, then click on Transcribe item. 

(1) Payment titles: Retake exam (2); Terms: current semester (3); Service type: you can choose the course you want to retake the exam (2.500 HUF) (4);

Offered Grades: If you have an offered grade waiting to be accepted, a pop-up window will let you know when you log in Neptun. But you can also check: Neptunc- Subjects – Offered grade. 

We wish you successful exams and if you have questions do not hesitate to contact us by email.

Kind regards, UP FEIT Registrar’s Office

13.05.2020 | Students | Cash desk opening hours
The cash desks are closed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic but will reopen as outlined in the Rector’s Order 5/2020 (7 May) as follows: Paying with foreign currency (USD, EUR) is only possible at Szántó street cash desk. The cashier can not give change, so please bring the exact amount of money that you need to pay.
Cash desk

Ifjúság street cash desk | Monday, Wednesday | 8-14
Szántó street cash desk | Tuesday, Thursday | 8-14

Covering your face is compulsory in order to safeguard your health and the health of the cashier.

Please note that the epidemic is not over yet, therefore only visit the cash desk if you can not pay through any other methods.
Best rerards,
Central Registrar’s Office

14.04.2020 | Students | Notification about the validity period of residence documents

Notification about the validity period of residence documents 9th of April 2020.

We hereby inform our Clients, that due to the epidemiological situation the validity period of the issued residence documents, permanent residence and immigration permits – except for the short-term visa and entry visa for receiving a residence permit – is automatically extended until the 45th day after the end of the emergency phase.

This concerns the following documents which were valid till 2400 on the 6th of April 2020. or expired on that day:

- Permanent residence card

- Residence card issued to third-country national family member of a Hungarian citizen

- Permanent residence card for EEA nationals

- Residence permit

- Immigration permit

- Permanent residence permit

- Interim permanent residence permit

- EC permanent residence permit

- National permanent residence permit

This does not concern the residence documents which have already been expired

Please note that the the above mentioned residence documents have to be extended 30 days before their expiry date, so the application for the extension has to be submitted within 15 days after the end of the emergency phase.

We kindly request our Clients not to submit applications for the extension of the above mentioned residence documents at present.


The valid residence documents only enable the owner to the previously acquired rights, and are only automatically extended if all required conditions for the residence document are unchanged.

In case the required conditions for the issued residence document change (e.g. change of employer, change of position within the company, or e.g. a student would like to strart working) then it is necessary to submit an application for a new type of residence permit or to apply for the extension of the valid residence permit.

Please note that in case the conditions for acquiring the residence document stated by the law are no longer met it will still result in the withdrawal of the residence document.

Regional Directorate of Southern Transdanubia - General for Aliens Policing

31.03.2020 | Students | Notification from UP FEIT Registrar's Office

Dear Students!

We would like to draw your attention that we work from home office but we are also available by phone or by email.

If you need a student status or a credit certificate, please note that it will take more time so we kindly ask you to update your Hungarian address in Neptun because the administration will be done by post.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Kind regards, Kata and Marta from UP FEIT Registrar's Office

23.03.2020 | Students | PTE MIK ITCS | PTE MIK Teams User Guide

You can open the PTE MIK User Guide on the following link: PTE MIK Teams User Guide

22.03.2020 | Students | Letter from University Ombudsman | Information about Student Counselling / Legal Aid Clinic
Dear Students,

We would like to remind everyone that UP’s student services are continuously available as online distance services:

· Student Counselling

The psychological support is provided in virtual space, via online channels, preferably via Skype connection.

Privacy and secure connection is a priority for us. An online relationship requires special settings ensured by both parties. We suppose the responsible behaviour of our students.

Online counselling has a special character compared to face to face encounters. Be aware that it may affect the efficacy and understanding of emotional and verbal communication.

Due to the conditions of these new technologies, a longer time may occur until making an appointment. Please, be aware that Student Counselling do not provide urgent and emergency service.

Applying for an appointment: submit an email to Student Counselling

Your counsellor will instruct you about the technical protocol and communication.

More information will be available regarding this new form of counselling service and conditions on Facebook ( and on our website (

Please, read thoroughly and follow the instructions. You will find there useful tips for successful adjustment as well.

· Legal Aid Clinic

Whenever you have housing, residence, consumer or civil law-related problems contact the Legal Aid Clinic (LAC) for free legal advice. Please, note: The LAC does not offer legal representation in courts, this is a free service to inform you about your rights and obligations in a legal dispute. The LAC is not competent in solving study-related disputes within UP.

Contact them online:


· University Ombudsman

The University Ombudsman helps to mediate and solve issues between university citizens, within the University of Pécs.

Dr. Dániel PÁL (Mr.) – via e-mail: OR telephone: +36 30/9013-613 (Mon-Thursday: 8-13:00)

19.03.2020 | Students | Letter from the Rector | Information for students - Remote education at the UP

From 23 March 2020, the University of Pécs will switch to remote education in the state of emergency ordered due to the coronavirus epidemic. I ask for your cooperation and patience to make the transition as smooth as possible! Our lecturers and learning support colleagues will do their best to make a successful spring semester.

The lecturers will be available based on the existing schedule of the courses. They will inform you about the teaching methods.

It is important to:

- thoroughly read the e-mails you receive from the university, the Faculty, the lecturers, and the Registrar’s Office will inform you about the teaching methods, the availability of the learning materials and the means of correspondence,

- study the platforms and methods your lecturers tell you to use for remote learning, share your experiences and learning methods with other students,

- Do not hesitate to contact your lecturers and the staff of the Registrar’s Office if you encounter any problems during remote learning. We will answer you in e-mails as soon as possible.

- You can find information on the University Library’s online services here:

Please note:

- Spring break from 16 March to 20 March.

- Students are prohibited from entering university buildings from 12 March until further notice.

Online-only: education, administrative matters, library services, information and correspondence. - Up-to-date information for students: - Latest news:

Please follow the official government communication, comply with the hygiene regulations and the provisions of the authorities. I count on your personal sense of responsibility in mitigating the epidemic. Take care for yourself and the people around you.

Dr. Attila Miseta


18.03.2020 | Students | Letter from the Vice Dean of Educational Matters | Distance Learning from 23rd of March

Dear Students,

As you have already been informed, the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (as with all the other universities in Hungary), will change its teaching system to distance learning from March 23, 2020.

Your teachers are preparing the organization and transition of your courses during the spring break (March 16-20, 2020). This transition concerns all previously announced courses of this semester, including both Hungarian and English courses. According to the new regulations, teachers and students are only allowed to keep in contact online, and this includes every form of consultation (diploma work, theses, computational works, etc.) as well as mid-year exams.

The following will happen within the period of March 16-20:

• Course requirements that are better suited to the digital teaching format will be uploaded to Neptun Meet Street by the teachers - you can find them under the ‘Documents’ menu.

• At the same time, the digital teaching platform will be chosen by the teachers. By default this will be Neptun Meet Street and another platform that is suitable for online teaching. The option recommended by the University is Microsoft Teams and we have already started to create these Teams groups.

As soon as a teacher is ready with the scheduling of a given course, he/she will contact you and let you know what to do.

Online teaching will commence on March 23rd, 2020 and will take place based on your previously existing timetable. Within this time period, we will continuously provide the opportunity for interaction between students and their teachers. Consultations will be in real time and you will get more information from your teachers.

For administration and other queries regarding your studies, please use the usual digital channels and phone numbers.

This transition to digital teaching system is new for both students and teachers and in the beginning some difficulties are to be expected, but we trust that they will be quickly resolved. If you have any problems, please contact your teachers to ensure you are able to successfully complete the spring semester.

We wish you all the best in connection with your studies and health.

Yours sincerely:

Dr Ildikó Jancskárné Anweiler

Vice-Dean for Educational Matters

12.03.2020 | Students | Letter from the Rector | Rector’s Order no. 2/2020 on rescheduling the spring semester of the academic year 2019/2020

Article 1.

In view of the state of emergency declared by Government Decree 40/2020 (III.11.) and pursuant to Article 4. b) of the Government Decree 41/2020 (III.11.) prohibiting students from entering the premises of higher education institutions, and adhering to the order issued by the State Secretary for Higher Education, I hereby reschedule the spring semester of the academic year 2019/2020 at every Faculty of the University of Pécs and order spring break from 16 March 2020 to 22 March 2020.

Article 2.

The order shall cover all higher education training programmes at the University of Pécs.

Article 3.

The order shall enter into force on 12 March 2020.

Pécs, 12 March 2020, 11:00 a.m.

Dr. Attila Miseta


12.03.2020 | Employees | Letter from the Operative Crew | Decisions of the UP Operative Crew

UP Operative Crew’s resolution no. 1/2020. (III.12.)

The UP Operative Crew unanimously supports the restrictions in the Rector’s and Chancellor’s Joint Order no. 4/2020 on the employer measures under the extraordinary circumstances due to the coronavirus outbreak considering the state of emergency declared by the Government. The restrictions affect the following fields:

- abroad missions in case of the scope of persons shall be fully forbidden from March 13, 2020,

- provisions of the Government Decree 41/2020 (III.11.) pertaining to healthcare workers shall be included,

- legal consequences of the abroad travels in the public servant employees’ free time shall extend to any abroad travels instead of travels to „endangered areas”.

responsible: Chancellery - Directorate of Human Resources, Secretariat of the Rector’s Cabinet

deadline: March 13, 2020

UP Operative Crew’s statement no. 2/2020 (III.12.) on the interpretation of the prohibition visiting higher educational institution by students, based on the questions raised until today:

- the prohibition of visiting the institution shall extend to students of the undergraduate training having only student status

- in case the student has also employment status besides the student status at the University, the prohibition shall not extend to him/her considering the employment status,

- the prohibition shall extend to the rotational year students of the Medical School,

- doctorate students pursue their educational and research work similarly to the employees; therefore the prohibition shall not extend to them,

- Council meetings (eg.: Faculty Council, Educational Committee) that require students’ presence may be held only if the students’ participation in the consultation and decision-making can be provided with the help of info communicational devices, otherwise postponing the meetings and suspending the ongoing procedures are suggested.

UP Operative Crew’s statement no. 3/2020 (III.12.) on the activity of the students of the UP in the practical training:

The UP Operative Crew unanimously agrees that students pursuing professional practices in the practice institutions and other partner organizations of the University shall suspend their activity from March 13, 2020 until the termination of the state of emergency.

UP Operative Crew’s resolution no. 4/2020. (III.12.)

The UP Operative Crew unanimously agrees that every elective surgical procedure – except the oncological surgical cases – shall be halted from March 13, 2020 until contrary order of the President of the Clinical Centre.

responsible: President of the Clinical Centre

deadline: promptly

UP Operative Crew’s resolution no. 5/2020. (III.12.ew’s resolution no. 5/2020. (III.12.)

In accordance with the unanimous decision of the UP Operative Crew extra capacity for patient care shall be established in the Clinical Centre. The health care professional operative team suggests conducting the preparations of the establishment of extra capacity in the Rákóczi Street premises of the Clinical Centre, in the currently out-of-use, but formerly patient care buildings.

The development of the extra capacity affects the current nurse hostel, by emptying it.

responsible: President of the Clinical Centre, Chancellery – Directorate of Technical Services

deadline: March 17, 2020, 08:00

UP Operative Crew’s resolution no. 6/2020. (III.12.)

The UP Operative Crew unanimously suggests the issuing of the Rector’s Order 3/2020 on the closing of dormitories.

responsible: Secretariat of the Rector’s Cabinet, University Student Union

deadline: promptly

UP Operative Crew’s resolution no. 7/2020. (III.12.)

The UP Operative Crew unanimously orders to suspend internal trainings of the University of Pécs until the state of emergency is not terminated.

responsible: Head of the Rector’s Cabinet

deadline: promptly

UP Operative Crew’s resolution no. 8/2020. (III.12.)

The UP Operative Crew authorises Attila Lengvárszky, director of academic affairs to make the necessary university proposals to the Tempus Foundation on bearing the costs of the cancelled Erasmus trips.

responsible: director of academic affairs

deadline: March 13, 2020

UP Operative Crew’s resolution no. 9/2020. (III.12.)

The UP Operative Crew authorises Attila Lengvárszky director of academic affairs to publish educational-organisational and information technological proposal to the organisational units of the University in order to prepare for distance teaching.

The UP Operative Crew invites the leaders of the Faculties and other organizational units pursuing educational activities to send their actions plan and attendance claims for the distance teaching based on the proposal of the educational director.

responsible: Rector’s Cabinet Directorate of Educational Affairs Chancellery, Directorate of Information Technologies

deadline: promptly

UP Operative Crew’s resolution no. 10/2020 (III.12.)

For the purposes of the UP Operative Crew’s decision every autonomous organisational unit of the UP shall appoint a person in charge as a contact for the Operative Crew and send his/her e-mail address and mobile phone number to the central e-mail address ( of the Operative Crew.

responsible: heads of the autonomous organisational units

deadline: March 13, 2020

Pécs, March 12, 2020

Dr. József Betlehem

Vice-Rector for General Affairs, Strategies and Relations

Head of the UP Operative Crew