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Graduation and Inauguration Ceremony for International Students


Dear Students,
By completing your studies at the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Pécs, you have qualified for taking your final exams. We wish you every success in passing them. 
After successfully passing the final exam, you are entitled to receive your degree.

Please read the following information regarding the graduation ceremony.
The graduation and inauguration ceremony will take place at 10 o’clock on Friday, 6th July, 2018 in Room A007 of the Boszorkány Street Campus (7624, Pécs, Boszorkány út 2).
If you cannot attend the ceremony, please, let us know at

Important information about the event:
Students receiving their degree need to wear a gown.

The charge for hiring the graduation gown is HUF 3500.
You will need to produce proof of payment at the event.

You can pick up the gown, together with gloves and hat, from Room A008. We recommend that female graduates bring hairclips to assist in fastening the hat.
We ask that you attend the event wearing an outfit which is in accordance with the university’s public appearance guidelines. For women this means a formal skirt suit or dress (not too vibrant in colour) with stockings, dark shoes (avoid shoes with open toes and open heels such as sandals). For men, a dark coloured suit and tie and lace up shoes are required. Formal wear under the graduation gown is compulsory although for the summer graduation ceremony the wearing of a suit jacket is optional.
Please find attached the graduation pledge which students will recite during the ceremony in the presence of the teachers and guests.