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EXXONMOBIL Innovation Competition

ExxonMobil is therefore launching a competition for students and researchers, in the area of traditional and renewable energy and responsible energy consumption. We need to use our available resources more efficiently and to find clever combinations of traditional and renewable energy sources. In addition to growing needs, going forward all clean forms of energy will be indispensable in order to achieve our climate protection goals, in the spirit of sustainability.

Submission of application:

    • Technological innovation: We are looking for market-driven and product-focused pilot projects, R&D initiatives which identify innovative solutions in the area of responsible energy consumption, energy efficiency or dual energy use.
    • Social innovation: We are looking for programs and/or project proposals, by raising awareness or knowledge society or decision-makers!

    Register now!

    Entry is subject to registration, by September 25, 2020.

    View the call for competition here:

    Apply now!

    Send us a mini-study, short film, presentation or project description in English or Hungarian language. Length: 5-7 minutes, 10-12 slides or 5-7 typed pages. If you would like to attach a video to your application, please upload it to Youtube first and only include the link in your application. Submissions can be uploaded here. You can apply individually or in small groups (teams of 2-3).


    Mandatory content elements:
    • project objectives
    • the project’s answer to the challenges
    • description of the project’s financial value
    • practical applicability
    • the professional background of the team

    You can find more information at

    Call for Applications


    (Picture taken from ExxonMobil facebook page)