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Dormitory Information

The University of Pécs has ten dormitories. They are located in quiet, residential areas of the city. The Faculties of the University and the city centre are easily accessible from the dormitories. Most of the dormitories have recently been renovated. The rooms are nicely furnished and contain bathrooms. Bedclothes are supplied. Rooms are offered at a reasonable price: approximately EUR 130 per month.

Getting a dormitory placement

First-year students are informed about the application process upon admission by email. Only first-year students from visa-requiring countries can apply for dormitory accommodation. They receive the link to the application by email during July and can apply until the middle of August. They receive the result of the assessment within five workdays from the submission of the application.

Higher-year students must fill in the application form of the Student Union available in their Neptun account. First-year students have priority in the application process. Dormitory allocations are non-negotiable.

If you applied for a dormitory and got accepted, you can move into the appointed dormitory right after arrival. Please find more information about the dormitories of the University of Pécs available for international students here: