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2013 - Pierre Vasarely

Pierre Vasarely is an honorary doctor of the University of Pécs since 15 March 2013.

Career and distinctions   

He is the president of the Vasarely Foundation (since 2009), member of the Institute Art & Droit (since 2011) and honorary consul of Hungry in Marseille - France (since 2012), an expert in art, a single associate of the EURL Pierre Vasarely and member of the French Union of Experts (since 2003).

In 2010 he was a patron of the Pécs2010, European Capital of Culture project. Between 2004-2009 he was a President of the association for the defense and the promotion of the work of Victor Vasarely. Between 1998-2002 consultant in cultural engineering (Idée - Media - Mediterranée, Aix-en-Provence). In 1997 he was acknowledged as the unique owner of the moral right on Victor Vasarely's work. Between 1994-1997 he was the director of the Vasarely Foundation, in 1993 he was cultural consultant of the Sophia-Antipolis Foundation, Valbonne. Between 1985-1992 Special counsel to the president of the Vasarely Foundation (Architectonic Centre of Aix-en-Provence and Didactic Museum of Gordes), between 1981-1984 attended the school of Law, Economy, and Sciences of the University of Aix-Marseille III and in 1980 attended Jesus College, Cambridge, England.

From his inaugural address:

"It was from 2010, when I was named godfather for Pécs2010, European Capital of Culture, that the relationship between the Aix-Marseille University and that of Pécs started, leading to the signing in 2011 of an agreement of cooperation between the two universities. The interdisciplinary exchanges range from town-and-country planning to humanities, including visual arts.

This remarkable honor shown to me today, this 14th March 2013, on the dawn of the national holiday, by the dignitaries of your university, is considerable and goes straight to my heart."