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Graduation Ceremony

Dear Graduating Students,

We would like to express our congratulations on completing your final exams successfully.

We do hope your degree and the acquired knowledge will bring satisfaction in your life and wish you success in your future career. 


The graduation ceremony will take place on 7th February 2020 (Friday) at 10.00 am in room A007.

Simonyi Hackaton 2020 - The Ocean Cleanup

Do you worry about climate change?

Do you want to save our planet just don’t know how?

Boyan Slat has been working to save the oceans from huge garbage islands for 21 years. 
Nowadays he’s the president at his own foundation and has invented an ocean clean machine. The best news of it , it can’t hurt animals while collecting the trash.

If you feel like working on a new project in a productive teamwork and might invent a new product that helps to protect the Earth then don’t miss the Simonyi HACKATON 2020!

Join us on 14th February at PTE KTK B323rd hall where you can enjoy an all day brainstorming event and think about how we can try to change our future!


Facebook event:

International Evening

International Evening is an event created to celebrate the unique diversity at our university. Students from many different nations will present their countries through food, music and performances on stage.    

Summary of BCU delegation visit

On 17th of January, our Faculty welcomed a delegation from Beijing Central University, Beijing, China; namely Ms LI Jiayi - Head of School of Foreign Studies and Ms MENG Yuan - Head of School of Urban Construction.


This event is  organized by the UP FEIT, Institute of Architecture and the b2 Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group.

You can apply untill 31st of January 2020:

Please include your name, degree program, telephone number and email address when applying.

On February 3, 2016, our university launched the “WE ALL NEED A HOME” project addressed the social issues of homelessness. We want to carry on this program in the future. 

This year we are planning a community space for the Homeless Nursing Home of the „Támasz Alapítvány”, which will provide an opportunity for people living there to enjoy leisure activities. 

Our goal is to create a plan during the workshop, which provides an opportunity to implement the intended function. Implementation of the plans is made possible by the Emerging Civil Society Foundation.

Come and create with us! Your application is more than welcome!


Imre Gábor Szabó,  a well liked and respected lecturer from the Department of Civil Engineering has unexpectedly passed away. There will be a memorial service on the 10th of January (Friday) at 3pm in the main hall of the Faculty.

Rest in peace!


 Dear Students!

I kindly bring your attention to the 8th Maltepe University International Student Congress (IENSSC) in Istanbul, Turkey, between 20-21 April, 2020.
Since 2013, IENSSC has brought students from around the world giving them the opportunity to express and share their research interests and ideas on a variety of important issues in engineering. in April, in Turkey.

The most important feature of the conference is that the speakers will consist of undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students, typically affiliated to engineering programs.
All the students are welcome to be a part of our congress with their articles, dialogues, notes, and further comments. Participants must present at least one paper at the congress.

Please find more information HERE.

Abstract submission deadline is: 9th of March

Holiday opening hours of the RO

Christmas holiday opening hours of the Registrar’s Office:
14th of December – (Saturday): 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
23rd of December – (Monday): CLOSED
30th of December – (Monday):  CLOSED                  
31th of December - (Tuesday):  CLOSED                                
Please note that Neptun System will not be available on the 23rd of December 2019! You can not apply for exams neither pay through Neptun.
From the 2nd of January 2020, the Registrar’s Office follows the regular opening hours.
We wish you Happy Holidays and a successful exam period!