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COVID-19 Students FAQ

Study related questions regarding COVID-19

Can I stay in my Dormitory?

The Secretary of State responsible for the maintenance ministry industry has urged our institution to rationalize the dormitory capacities out of turn, and within the framework of this procedure, the international students or those who stayed in the dormitory with an accepted fairness claim are going to be moved to other accomodations. The items of those who left the dormitory temporarily are going to be stored by the University for longer period of time if needed, and returning to the dormitory to collect the items is NOT obligatory.
More information:

This is a stressful time — how can I get assistance?

The psychological support is provided in virtual space, via online channels, preferably via Skype connection. Privacy and secure connection is a priority for us. Online relationship requires special settings ensured by both parties. We suppose a responsible behaviour of our students. Online counselling has a special character compared to face to face encounters. Be aware that it may affect the efficacy and understanding of emotional and verbal communication. Due to the conditions of these new technologies a longer time may occur until making an appointment. Please, be aware that Student Counselling do not provides urgent and emergency service. Applying for appointment: submit an email to Student Counselling Your counsellor will instruct you about the technical protocol and communication. More information will be available regarding this new form of counselling service and conditions on Facebook ( and on our website ( Please, read thoroughly and follow the instructions. You will find there useful tips for successful adjustment as well.

What do I do if I need legal advice?

Whenever you have housing, residence, consumer or civil law related problems contact the Legal Aid Clinic (LAC) for free legal advice. Please, note: The LAC does not offer legal representation in courts, this is a free service to inform you about your rights and obligations in a legal dispute. The LAC is not competent in solving study related disputes within UP. Contact them online:, E-mail:
The University Ombudsman helps to mediate and solve issues between university citizens, within the University of Pécs.
Dr. Dániel PÁL (Mr.) – via e-mail: OR telephone: +36 30/9013-613 (Mon-Thursday: 8-13:00)

Are libraries open?

Please note that PTE has decided - due to the epidemiological situation - that the entire PTE University Library and Knowledge Centre (Knowledge Centre, with all Faculty and Branch Libraries) won’t be accepting visitors for an indefinite period starting tomorrow (March 12). Rental, and use on site will be suspended. The good news are that our online services will continue to be available, and you will not have to worry about late fees during the closing period. We will keep you informed of further measures. More info:

I have books that I rented and need to return to the library. What should I do?

Please contact the specific library online.

What resources are available to help me study remotely?

Due to the coronavirus (Covid-19), the Hungarian government announced extraordinary emergency measures from March 12, 2020. This means that from March 23rd, 2020, the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology will transition to an online learning environment until further notice. Students will be able to complete their original courses and get the required credits through the new digital teaching and assessment system. Online attendance of courses will be based on the existing timetable. During these times, we will ensure the possibility for interaction between students and teachers. The primary digital teaching platform will remain as NEPTUN and courses will be expanded to “Meet Street”. In addition, Microsoft Teams, which is part of Microsoft Office 365, has been made available to students and teachers. For more information about using this system, click here: Official Microsoft Guide : Microsoft Teams Guide PTE MIK Guide: Microsoft Teams Student Guide PTE MIK

What does this shift to online format mean for lab-, studio- or field-based courses?

Students will receive updates from the faculty members about any adjustments to lab-, studio- or field-based courses.

What do I do if I don’t know how to connect to a class session?

PTE MIK Guide: Microsoft Teams Student Guide PTE MIK If you require more information, please contact the relevant person from the list below:
Dr Anita Dolgosné Kovács - environmental engineer
Dr Mária Eördöghné Miklós - mechanical engineer
Dr Attila Fülöp, Dr Judit Pálné-Schreiner - structural engineer, civil engineer
Dr Adél Heidecker, Dr Donát Rétfalvi - architect, urban system engineer
Dr Péter Iványi - computer science engineer
Dr Zoltán Kvasznicza, Dr Gergely Nyitrai - electrical engineer
Ms Julia Török - technical language courses
Dr Norbert Vasváry-Nádor - industrial designer
The leaders, teachers and heads of department can be found here:
If you have any problems, do not hesitate to let them know!

How can I contact the administrative staff?

For administration and other queries related to your studies, please use the usual online contacts: UP FEIT Registrar’s Office: UP FEIT International Office:

The university has closed, will I still be able to complete my degree on time?

Your teachers prepared the organization and transition of your courses during the spring break (March 16-20, 2020). This transition concerns all previously announced courses of this semester, including both Hungarian and English courses. According to the new regulations, teachers and students are only allowed to keep in contact online, and this includes every form of consultation (diploma work, theses, computational works, etc.) as well as mid-year exams.From 23 March 2020, the University of Pécs has switched to remote education in the state of emergency ordered due to the coronavirus epidemic. We ask for your cooperation and patience to make the transition as smooth as possible! Our lecturers and learning support colleagues will do their best to make a successful spring semester.

I'm an exchange student. Can I finish my subjects and take the ECTS to the university in my home country?

For exchange students the education will continue online as for full time students. If you have problems with time settings and can not take part in online classes, please write an e-mail to your lecturer. Transcripts will be prepared for you at the end of the semester with all your ECTS.

My study has been impacted by Coronavirus, what are my options?

Plese do not hesitate to contact any of your lecturers or administrative staff if you need any additional help. You can also ask for support from Student Counselling. Applying for appointment: submit an email to Student Counselling

What if I am unable to travel to my permanent address? Am I able to stay on campus?

To protect the health of the University community, please do not travel abroad and stay where you are during the spring break. International students are allowed to stay in the dormitories. Please note that according to Article 4. b) of the Government Decree 41/2020 (III.11.), students are prohibited from entering the premises of higher education institutions!

I am an international student and I need to return to my home country, what practical matters should I arrange?

If you leave Pécs, please inform the Faculty coordinator in email. Check out from the dormitory. Please, prepare your documents in Dream Apply if you need changes.