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Student Life

The activity of the student union of the faculty plays a major contribution to student life. The student union has a double role: on the one hand it represents students’ interests at the faculty, on the other hand it organises freetime activities and manages and supports student participation in engineering competitions. The members of the student union continuously come up with creative ideas to make full use of the years spent in higher education by supporting the students’ needs for study, research and sport.

The Students’ Union organises several highly popular events annually such as the freshmen’s camp, an ‘Oktoberfest’, cooking competitions, sports and health days and fishing competitions.Students of the faculty also play a major role in assisting staff with numerous activities, such as helping to organise various open days, exhibitions, professional forums, conferences and the Pollack Expo.

Students also edit their own magazine, ‘Unicum’, which provides regular news and information relevant to the students. In 2014, the webpage ‘OKTOPORT’ was launched by the members of the Juhász Jenő Special College as a student project. It aims to publish and popularise the engineering profession, research projects at the faculty and present their results in a clear format.

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