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Interior Designer (MA)

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
Degree: Interior Designer (MA)
Duration of training: 4 semesters (full-time training, part-time training)
Language of instruction: Hungarian

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Description of the program:

The course is created for people degree in environmental design, architecture or a related subject. During the MA Interior Designer and Environmental Designer Artist course you will develop the creative, creating, technological and problem-solving skills needed to meet the complex and changing role of the interior designer, it challenges skills for creating innovative design solutions to a range of problems. The practical and theoretical elements of this master degree in space-communication are developed by a high level understanding of contemporary space-relations, space-interactions and design debates, methodologies and trends. Teaching and learning methods include workshops, seminars, lectures, individual and group projects, the learning pathway agreement summaries all of the knowledge to enable exploit all design opportunities. Graduates will be adept in spatial practice and able to work in complex interior design projects with good computing and research methodologies skills, the aim is to inspire designers who wish to use environment and inner built spaces as a means of expressing opinions.

Keywords :

Interior design, industrial partners, craftwork workshop, developing programs, workshops, exciting art works, student design contests, Master – Student relationship, specialism, work in group, tradition, design-training, culture

Location of the education: Institute of Architecture, University of Pécs Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Boszorkány u. 2, H-7624 Pécs, Hungary

Month of entry:


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Tamás GETTO
architect, senior lecturer
Institute of Architecture
University of Pécs, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
Phone/Fax: +36 72 501 500 / 23558