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Living Costs

The costs of a stay in Hungary have generally been considered low by European standards.

Here is a list of essentials to get an idea of prices


  • a meal in the university canteen: HUF 600-1,500
  • a meal in a restaurant: HUF 800-4,000
  • one litre of milk: HUF 150-200
  • one bottle of beer: HUF 200-450
  • one bottle of red table wine: HUF 600-1,500
  • one litre of bottled water: HUF 100–150
  • one loaf of bread: HUF 200


  • one litre of petrol: HUF ≈ 350
  • a monthly bus pass for students: HUF 3,500
  • a single ticket (bus): HUF 300 (or HUF 400 from the bus driver)
  • a one-way train ticket to Budapest with a student discount: HUF 2,700
  • A taxi ride within city limits: HUF 900-1,500 (depending on the distance)
  • Shuttle transport from the Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport to Pécs: HUF 7,500-HUF 9,000 (depending on the company and the number of passengers)


  • entrance fee for a party: HUF 0-1000
  • a cinema ticket: HUF 1000 – 1,400
  • a theatre ticket: HUF 1,500-2,500
  • cinema with student discount: HUF 1040 ≈ EUR 3.5 for a normal, HUF 1390 for a 3D film
  • swimming pool: The Pollack Swimming Pool is free for the students of the University, other swimming pools: HUF 800-2200
  • ice skating (3 hours): HUF 700 ≈ EUR 2.5


renting a flat per month: HUF 50,000-120,000
library card: free for students