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Required Language Proficiency

The applicant’s English skills are assessed in the admission interview conducted on-line or in person.  Handled certificates as proof of sufficient English language skills are not required, but recommended. Applicants must meet the following criteria (and demonstrate them in the application procedure): They can express themselves in standard spoken and written English. They demonstrate sufficient skills in spoken English to understand the language of lectures, actively participate in seminars and complete spoken assignments. They can understand written content presented in the program, can express themselves in writing clearly, use correct grammar and can complete written assignments (around B2 level in general).

Applicants with weaker language skills:

Sufficient English language skills are a prerequisite for admission to the English Language Study Programs. Applicants with weaker language skills have the possibility to take an intensive language course at University of Pécs, with an external language course provider or take a special preparatory course offered by our partner institution. Further information regarding to admission fees and application deadlines is available at

Applicants with outstanding high school / undergraduate school results, but  weaker language skills can have a provisory Decision of Admission at the end of the application procedure, and are required to take the Preparatory English Course offered by the University or another language course with a service provider of their choice. They  will need to  retake  only a part of the personal or on-line interview in the next application period.