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Official documents

All the documents should be filled DIGITALLY and in BLOCK CAPITALS! 

Handwritten documents will NOT BE ACCEPTED! 

From the SPRING semester (2019/2020 academic year) on, the following rules apply:

Request for late activation 

Request for passive semester

Request for late course registration

Request for late course dropping

Request for individual study pattern (new name in Neptun: APPLICATION FOR PREFERENTIAL COURSE SCHEDULE!!!!) 

These requests can ONLY be submitted through Neptun (Administration -  Requests -  Requests to be completed menu)!

Please also NOTE:

- Request for course taking and request for course dropping can be submitted by subjects and it costs 1000 HUF / item.

- The Neptun system automatically creates the payment and only after paying the amount, the system lets you submit the request. 

- Request for late activation and Request for passive semester are subject to charges!

The amount is 2000 HUF - until 14th of February

The amount is 2000 HUF + 600 HUF/daily - from 17th of February  

To be able to pay, first you need to create this payment by yourself in Neptun. 

Log into Neptun and go to Finances/Payment, then click on to Transcribe item. 

In pop up window, choose: Payment titles : Service (1); Terms: current semester (2); Service type: type of request (3)

After click on Create item. 

When you created the item, you can pay through Neptun System with bank card or at any cashier at the university.


From the 2020/2021 academic year the acceptance of studies (course recognition) will be managed through NEPTUN educational system.
A detailed step-by-step instruction is attached as a guidance. 

PTE Code of Studies and Examinations Paragraph 54 (4)501 502 The student shall be entitled to request the recognition of the accomplishment of the academic requirement until the end of the subject registration (course registration) period. The CTC has the right to reject the requests submitted after the end of the subject registration (course registration) period without further consideration referring to the missed deadline. If the student requests to recognize the given subject in a semester other than where the subject belongs to in the student’s recommended curriculum, the Registrar’s Office of the Faculty is obliged to inform the student of its possible consequences. 

We kindly ask our students to submit the course recognition forms in Neptun educational system not later than 3rd of September 2020 so in case of rejection they still have the opportunity to register for courses free of charge within the registration period.

Certificate of Professional Compulsory Traineeship

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