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COVID-19 General / Arrival FAQ

General and arrival related questions regarding COVID-19

1) How safe is Hungary in terms of Coronavirus?
In May 2020, shops and businessas have resumed normal operations and universities are allowed to open. Hungary is one of the least affected European country. Compared to the rest of Europe, Hungary’s infection curve is flat, which is a reason for optimism for all of us. For more details and up to date information, visit:

2) The Consulates are closed for the visa process due to pandemic. How can I apply for the Visa?
Many Hungarian embassies / consulates have been operating since May. For first hand information please call your local Hungarian Embassy / Consulate. Full list with contact details can be found here:

3) What should I do if I can not submit my visa or there is a delay in the visa decision?
If you are accepted, we will provide you all courses online so you can start your studies irrespective of your visa status. We encourage all prospective students to submit visa applications immediately when consulates resume accepting them.
The central visa appointment reservation system has already re-opened for certain countries and we expect full availability. Please check if “D-Visa” application option is already available in your country at the following webpage.
If your country is not listed, please contact the local consulate of Hungary via their website.
If you don’t receive a visa decision in time, you can start your classes online and switch to in-person immediately when you arrive.

4) What happens if my visa application is rejected?
If your visa application is rejected, you can finish your first semester online and receive a Transcript of Records acquired. If you later choose to pursue a degree program in the same field, these credits can be counted towards completion. You can also use this transcript to apply to other universities who may accept these at their discretion.

5) What if the restrictions lasts for more than one semester and I can not travel to Hungary for a long time?
We will provide the option to study online until the travel restrictions are lifted even if that means a longer period than one semester

6) Can I return back to campus if I have a valid residence permit, visa or if I come from a visa free country?
Based on the Goverment Decree published on 30th of August, the following measures have been introduced: 

  • All foreign countries are considered as 'red', meaning that everyone entering Hungary shall be quarantined for 14 days (quarantine can be waived after 2 negative PCR tests). 
  • Only those PCR tests ar acceptable that were conducted in Hungary! So even if you bring 2 negative tests from abroad, measure no. 1 still applies to you. 
  • It is important to highlight, that students vith VALID RESIDENCE PERMIT or TYPE D VISA still can enter Hungary without any special permit. 

Please see the detailed information on on this matter here:

7) What should I do after arriving to Hungary?

Regardless of your departure country, upon arrival in Pécs, you shall go to the International Welcome Desk (address: Szántó Dormitory 7633 Pécs, Szántó-Kovács János utca 1/d). The following things will happen to you there:

1. Your documents (Passport, PCR test result (if available), other medical tests, Letter of Acceptance, dormitory registration, or proof of rented flat) will be checked.

 a. If no further steps are required, you are free to move into the dormitory or to your rented flat.

b. If further PCR tests must be taken, the first test will be done there, and if necessary, we provide you with quarantine placement in a specially prepared dormitory building.

8) What will happen if the borders are still closed in September?
You can begin your studies remotely. As soon as borders open and you receive your visa, you can study with us in Hungary.

9) What are the benefits of starting my studies online instead of waiting until the travel restrictions are lifted?
Starting online will allow you to fulfil your academic plans on time, without any delay. If your circumstances allow it, we believe you should go ahead confidently. In addition, the option to start the first semester in February is unavailable so you would have to skip a whole year.

10) Will accomodations/dormitory be available for student arriving who may be need to self-isolate?
Quarantine placement will be available for students who need it in a specially prepared dormitory building. If a second negative test is also necessary, we will provide it for you 48 hours after the first one was taken. If you have been quarantined, we organize you delivered meals, and you will be able to join the classes online. Quarantine accommodation will be available from 31 st August.

11) Can students stay at home and still register and take courses?
Yes, students can do that. Offering courses online is one way our Faculty is making sure that you can continue your education, without interruption or delay due to the pandemic. In order to be able to Enroll and Register in the system, please make sure that you follow this step-by-step guide:

12) Can I defer my offer of admission? Can I postpone my start date?

Yes. Students can defer their offers of admission. Once you have accepted your admission for the 2020/2021 Academic Year (and paid the Tuition Fee), email and indicate that you would like to defer your admission. Admissions will then move your start to September 2021, as well as your Tuition Fee.

13) Can I begin my studies in the spring semester?
No. To start the first semester in February is unavailable; there is only September intake.

14) What is the schedule for the Fall semester?

You can find the Semester Calendar on our website:


15) What happens if there is a 'second-wave' of COVID-19 during this fall semester?
We will continue to closely monitor conditions locally and regionally. A re-emergence of COVID-19 at any time between now and through the fall semester may cause a change to any of these plans.

16) Will accommodation still be guaranteed if I come later or postpone the offer?
Dormitory placement will be reserved for first year students until 1st November.