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COVID-19 - Education FAQ

 Study related questions regarding COVID-19

1) Will the 2020/21 Academic year start on time?
The Academic Year will start as scheduled.

2) Do I have to register and enrol courses in person?
No. You can register and enrol courses online as well. Please make sure that you follow the step-by-step guide

3) What is the NEPTUN Unified Education System and how can I use it?
The NEPTUN is an online educational administration system for students enrolled to the University of Pécs. This electronic database contains the personal data and full academic study records (registration, courses, exams, grades and credits) of all registered students of the university. Within the system you can manage your student status, your course and exam registration, your financial transactions for items which students are expected to pay to the university or to the dormitory and also access the materials that the lecturers uploaded. At the beginning of your studies at our university, you will receive a NEPTUN code that you can use to sign into the system. Click here and check out the user's guide for NEPTUN.

4) Will the Faculty start in-person teaching in September? 
Yes.  The Academic Year will start as scheduled. At this point it is unlikely that restrictions will limit face-to-face university studies.

5) Will the Faculty start remote/online teaching in September?
Yes. Continuing remote teaching (via Microsoft TEAMS - available after registration) will ensure that our students’ education will not be interrupted.

6) Will my fees and tuition change if I take classes remotely?
There is no discount from the tuition fee as the curriculum will be the same and the outcome of your university education will be the same degree as if you had started your education in person.

7) Is it possible to start with online classes in September and later switch to in-person?
Yes, it is possible. Make sure that you register and enrol courses and upon arrival, please go to the Registrar's Office.

8) Do I get my transferred tuition fee back if I cannot start the studies at the Faculty in September?
The Tuition Fee is refundable according to the University’s regulations. However, we advise you to start your studies online, so you would not have to skip a whole year and you can fulfil your academic plan on time.

9) Will I have the same courses during online learning as if I was present in person?
Yes. The curriculum will be the same and the outcome of your university education will be the same degree as if you had started your education in person.

10) Will the content of online and classroom teaching will be the same?
Yes. Our instructors will endeavor to make this an interesting experience for you, although this will inevitably feel different from in-person teaching. You should expect that starting online is a good temporary solution, but we also look forward to see you in one of our classrooms as soon as possible.

11) What happens if I complete the whole semester remotely?
You can complete the whole first semester online. You will acquire the same credits as you would do in-person. This means that if you receive your visa, you will be able to join the second semester in Pécs with your fellow students who started in the classroom in September.

12) Can I record lectures by academic staff?
You can only record lectures with a permission from your lecturer.

13) Is there a chance that certain courses will be cancelled?
No. Every course will start online and in-person as well.

14) How can I purchase materials for online classes?
You will be able to find study materials uploaded to Microsoft TEAMS.

15) What are the technical requirements for online course participation?
Students require a fast and stable internet connection and a PC/Laptop with camera and microphone (e.g. headset), a web browser, and an email client to receive emails.

16) What happens If I get sick and I have to miss a class?
The usual policies and procedures around absences apply for both in-person and online classes. If you are sick and cannot participate in classes or finish assignments, notify your instructor via email or CMicrosoft TEAMS as soon as possible.