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Admission requirements

The applicant must graduate from a high school / senior secondary school before being admitted to the university. In case the applicant leaves high/ secondary school in the year of application and school leaving certificate is not issued until the day of the entrance exam, a certificate of completion of high/secondary school studies has to be attached and the school leaving certificate has to be presented until the registration the latest.

The applicant may receive transfer credit for courses completed in  pre-study programs from relevant fields.

If the applicant has already obtained a university degree ( bachelor degree in Architecture, Engineering, Information Technology ), it is possible to apply for admission to master programs.

Description of the programme:

This programme covers engineering design, structures and construction management. Education takes place in cooperation with other design and engineering professionals.  Students are expected to have good visual skills, a grasp of mathematics and the history of architecture. The programme focuses on the responsibility of the architect in building design, the detailed development of building systems and team work. This degree course aims to give students a clear understanding of the key contexts of architecture and the built environment, the design relationships among people, architectural space and the environment – through live projects and contemporary situations. It comprises of lectures, workshops and studio design work. The Institute of Architecture Engineering has contacts with a vibrant national and international community made up of leading architects and related researchers. Students will engage in perspective projection, drawing, computer graphic design and model building. Graduate students can further their architectural skills at a master level at our faculty.

Keywords :

application of standards, architectural drawing, modeling, presentation, hardware and software, upper level, environmental effects, specialized activity, technical performance, structures, construction engineering, planning, organizing, building process, monitoring, control, economic, sustainable, green architecture, architectural design, workshop, knowledge

Location of the education: Institute of Architecture Engineering, University of Pécs Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Boszorkány u. 2, H-7624 Pécs, Hungary

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Pécs, Boszorkány Street 2.

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